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5 steps to survive a lost or stolen wallet

Q. I left my wallet behind at a restaurant and it didn't show up in the lost and found. I've been trying to remember everything I could possibly have had in there and I'm certain I had my debit card, credit cards, health insurance card and a slip of paper with my bank account number (I know, that wasn't very smart). Plus, I had my driver's license and family photos. Calling the credit card companies, insurance company and banks to try and sort this mess out is driving me nuts! I'm trying to talk to a real human to explain what I need. When I finally get through, most of the call centers are in India and it is so frustrating trying to explain my situation over and over and over again. Kim, do you have any time- (and sanity!) saving tips you can give me?
-Steve from Columbus, OH, listens to my national radio show on WTVN 610 AM


A. Realizing your wallet and purse is lost or has been stolen is a sickening feeling. You don't know who has your information or what they'll do with it.

Of course, sometimes you get the wallet back - even its 54 years later! But you can't count on that.

So you have to cancel your cards, order a new driver's license and maybe even change bank accounts. As you've found, Steve, it's no picnic finding someone to help you. You spend most of your time waiting on hold or trying to navigate phone trees. And that's just the first step to surviving this whole mess.

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