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Warning: Devastating Windows Virus Spreading

Warning: Devastating Windows Virus Spreading

It seems like hackers are always plotting new ways to steal your information and money. In fact, there's a dangerous new virus going around that can hijack your computer and wipe out all your files.

It's called the CryptoLocker virus, and it's spreading like wildfire.

The virus is disguised in an email that looks like it's from a legitimate business like FedEx or UPS. Because the email sounds and looks like the real thing, it's easy to become a victim.

If you get the virus, hackers will threaten to destroy all your files - unless you pay up fast.

Don't let hackers steal your files and your money. I'll show you how to keep this nasty virus off your computer - and what to do if you become infected.

First, let me explain exactly how the CryptoLocker virus works.

As I mentioned, the virus is delivered in a legitimate-looking email from a company like UPS or FedEx. The message will havean attachment that's aJPEG, PDF or other common file extension. However, it might containa malicious link instead.

If you download and open the attachment, or click on the link,aCryptoLocker installson your computer. A message pops up demanding $100 or more to keep the virus from destroying everything on your hard drive.

The virus gives you up to 100 hours to pay the ransom fee and get your files back. Regular credit cards are not accepted, either. Hackers will only accept Bitcoin or a prepaid card like Green Dot MoneyPak.

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