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Windows 8.1 is here – Should you get it?

Windows 8.1 is here – Should you get it?

Q. I’m about fed up with Windows 8! I can’t seem to get the hang of it. Isn’t there an update coming that’s supposed to make it better? When will it get here?
-Marilyn from Chicago, IL, listens to my national radio show on WLS 890 AM


A. I hear you, Marilyn. Windows 8 is something of a mess if you don’t know how it works. Even if you do know how it works, it still takes a lot of getting used to.

That’s why I wrote this tip for people who hate Windows 8.

Fortunately, your wait is over. Microsoft just released the long-awaited Windows 8.1. It’s free for existing Windows 8 users and should soon be available by default on any new computer.

This update is Microsoft’s attempt to fix the problems users have complained about for a whole year. It even brings back the Start button, sort of.

While it isn’t perfect, it is a must-have update for anyone with Windows 8. For those still using a Windows XP computer, now is the time to think about upgrading. XP won’t be around forever, after all.

Predictably, some of the options you’ll love in 8.1 aren’t turned on out of the box. You have to know where to look.

Let’s start with updating from Windows 8; it isn’t hard. From the Windows 8 Start screen, open the Windows Store. It will let you know Windows 8.1 is available.

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