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The new Kindle Fires vs. iPad and Nexus

Q. I saw in your daily news that Amazon released new Kindle Fire models. I've been thinking about getting a tablet. Do you think one of these is a good buy?
-Brett from West Plains, MO, listens to my national radio show on KBMV 107.1 FM

A. Amazon's Kindle Fire really shook up the tablet marketplace when it first hit the scene in 2011. Not only did the low-cost tablet offer a quality alternative to pricier gadgets, it gave folks one-touch access to Amazon's huge store of movies, books and music.

Of course, its focus on media consumption and budget hardware did limit it. It didn't have the range of uses you could get with an iPad or the later Nexus 7.

Amazon's looking to change that with three new Fire tablets: an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX, a 7-inch Fire HDX and an updated version of last year's 7-inch Kindle Fire called the Kindle Fire HD.

All three come loaded with high-resolution screens, a new operating system and some genuinely exciting new features.

No doubt Amazon is hoping the new Kindle Fires will steal some of the limelight from the iPad and Nexus. But should you make the Kindle Fire your next tablet of choice?

Let's start with the Fires' new screens, which are sharper and brighter than previous generations.

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