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Stop Facebook from using you in ads

Stop Facebook from using you in ads

If you've been following by Breaking Tech News page, I'm sure you remember Facebook got in hot water a while back for using people's names and images in advertisements without clear permission.


Some folks got angry about these "Sponsored Stories" and sued the social network. Facebook ended up paying out $20 million and had to update its privacy policy.

Last week, Facebook updated its privacy policy again to clear up any lingering confusion. But not in the way you might think.

Here's the gist of the change: If you post anything on Facebook, you're giving the site explicit permission to use your name and image in ads. There's no opt-out option - not even for minors.

If you post something like "Having a great dinner at Chili's with the family," Facebook can turn your post into an ad for Chili's and share it with your Facebook friends and acquaintances.

So, is it time to shut down your Facebook profile for good? Before you do that, let me show you a few tricks to keep your face and names out of Facebook ads.

Facebook creates ads based on things you Like. So, the easiest way to keep your image out of ads is to clean out your Likes.

Go to your Facebook Timeline page. Click on the Activity Log button. Once it opens, go to the left column and click the Likes link. Select Pages and Interests. You should see a list of everything you've liked on the site.

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