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3 best sites to make money doing odd jobs and tasks

Folks email me every day asking for ways to earn extra money. If you have time and the desire, there are plenty of options around.

Thankfully, finding extra work no longer means standing in line at a temp agency. The Internet makes it easy to find extra income.


In the past I've covered scam-free ways to make cash online. However, these are usually bigger jobs, or require creativity or commitment.

What if you just want something quick and simple? Welcome to the world of odd jobs.

Odd jobs are nice because they work with any schedule. Whether you're looking for something to fill your free time or in-between jobs, there's probably something for you.

To get started, I've rounded up three sites that can turn a little work into spending money.

TaskRabbit is a good place to start. People post new jobs and errands every day.

These can range from picking up dry cleaning or grocery shopping to longer-term office work.

You log in to the site and bid on the task you want to complete. If the task poster selects you for the job, you get paid upon completion. Simple, right?

And it's not just regular folks using TaskRabbit. Businesses are getting in on the action too. Recruiters are using the site to hire event staff and recruit virtual assistants.

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