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5 steps to get better customer service

5 steps to get better customer service
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Q. Kim I saw you posted a list of the companies with the best and worst customer service. I occasionally have to call customer service and, except for your excellent employees, it's usually terrible. It doesn't matter the company. Is there a way around this, or are we just stuck with it?
-J.D. from Phoenix, AZ listens to my national radio show on KFYI 550 AM .

A.This is a common question, J.D.You try the user manual, look up your problem on the Internet and give the gadget a few good whacks. You still can't getit working!

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So youbite the bullet and call customer service. You just have to hope the company you're calling is going to be helpful.

Or do you? While you can't choose what company you call, you can make it a better experience. Just follow these steps to avoid aggravation.

1. Get the right department
The first thing you encounter when calling most companies is the automated phone tree. This puts many people in a bad mood right away.

You just want to talk to a person and explain your problem. You don't want to wade through endless options.

A quick perspective change is in order. These phone menus are in place for a reason. They aren't for weeding out customers; they're for directing people to the right departments.

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