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Secure your online passwords in your browser

Secure your online passwords in your browser
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Q. I saw in your Breaking Tech News newsletter that Chrome and Firefox have a big security flaw. Is it true that anyone can read your saved passwords? I love Chrome and I'd like to keep using it if I can. Is there a way to fix this?
-Melody from Minneapolis, MN, listens to my weekly radio show on KTCN 1130 AM

A. I'm glad you asked, Melody. This story has been making the rounds this week and it's got a lot of people worried. I'll recap it for those who haven't heard it.


But first, it isn't just Chrome and Firefox. Safari is included as well, and Internet Explorer users will benefit from this information. So, read on.

You probably know that modern browsers store your usernames and passwords. This makes it easier to log in to websites. The browser can put the information in for you so you don't have to type it.

Well, a security researcher noticed that Google Chrome lets you see those passwords as plain text. It means the passwords are right there for anyone who knows where to look. You can even see what password-protected sites you've been visiting.

Of course, Firefox and Safari do the same thing. And while Internet Explorer doesn't, hackers have plenty of tricks to get that information anyway.

So, how are you possibly supposed to stay safe?

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