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10 'must-have' smartphone features you don't need

Q. Hi, Kim. I'm shopping for a new smartphone and I see that a few of the phones have wireless charging. This looks cool, but it seems to only be on phones that are really expensive. Do you think it's worth paying extra?
-Bill from Houston, TX, listens to my national radio show on KTRH 740 AM.

A. Wireless charging is a neat feature, Bill. And it's slowly being added to more high-end phones. As I've said in the past, however, it's mostly a novelty feature for now. I wouldn't go out of your way to buy a phone that has it.


Still, you bring up a good point. Wireless charging is one of the many "amazing" features smartphone makers love to shout about.

While some of these are important, many are just there to mark up the price. They look great on paper, but they don't change how you use the gadget.

I've rounded up nine more features salespeople will push. Think twice before you buy a phone just because of these features. More often than not, it means paying more for a feature you may never use!

More megapixels - Just like the point-and-shoot cameras they're replacing, smartphones are knee-deep in a megapixel war. First, 5MP was the standard, then 8MP and now 13MP. Earlier this month, Nokia released a smartphone with 41MP!

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