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5 common computer problems solved

5 common computer problems solved
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Q. My computer has given me that blue screen of death four different times. Any time I try to watch a video - sometimes even on your site - it blue screens on me. Do you know what's causing the problem? Will I have to buy a new computer?
-Anna, from St. Catharines, ON, listens to my national radio show on CKTB 610 AM.

A. Ah, the dreaded blue screen of death! If there's one question I get more than anything else, it might be this one. There's plenty you can do before junking your computer, Anna! My hunch tells me that this issue is a case of bad memory.


Here's how you make sure. Try to load one of my great videos again - this one is a good choice, as is this one. You're just trying to duplicate the error, so any video works.

Once you get the error, look for the error number (It will look like 0X######). In Windows 8, the blue screen gives you more detailed information about what caused the error. Either way, look up the code or message online. Microsoft has a list of what a few common errors mean, too.

The problem is often faulty hardware or a bad driver. Instead of junking the whole computer, you can buy a new part or update the driver yourself to save some cash. You can save even more by replacing the part yourself or enlisting the help of a tech-savvy friend.

While I'm talking about this common problem, I should probably bring up some other common questions I hear all of the time. Though the computer world changes rapidly, there are a handful of problems that seem to never go away. I've picked four more that I see too often to count. Here are the fixes to each one.

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