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Simple steps to ward off hackers

As long as money exists, there will be people who try to steal it. In the digital age, that goes beyond robbing a bank or breaking into your house and stealing your TV.

Hackers, scammers and identity thieves all make money off of your personal information. Whether it lets them tap into your bank account, take out a loan in your name or just sell your information to another criminal, they'll find a way. Even worse, there are millions of digital criminals, and they're operating 24/7.


Scary as that is to think about, it doesn't mean you should just quit the Internet, although you can try if you want. With the right tools, you can keep digital criminals at bay.

Over the years, I've run thousands of tips, downloads, cool sites and apps that help you do just that. Now, I've rounded up the best ones in a single place so you don't miss any of it.

No matter how a hacker tries to take you down, you'll have a solution.

Security software - The quickest way for a hacker to sneak into online accounts or take over your system is with a virus. Once your computer is infected, hackers have plenty of different options for causing chaos.


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