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Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi

Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi
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Thanks to laptops, smartphones and tablets, wireless networks are everywhere. You probably have one in your home.

Wi-Fi is much easier to set up and use than it was a decade ago, but it can still trip up even experienced tech people. I've written quite a lot about Wi-Fi, and now I've gathered all my best information for your convenience.


If you need to buy new equipment, set it up, secure it, tweak it or anything else, you've come to the right place.

Buying a home network router - The router is the nerve center of a home network, so you need a good one. I'll tell you what features you need and what you can avoid. That way, you get the best router without breaking the bank.

Securing your home wireless network - It doesn't take much to get online once you have your router. However, if you don't set up your network properly, you'll leave it open to snooping neighbors, hackers and other criminals.

At best, this will slow down your network and strain your Internet connection. At worst, you could be wrongfully accused of criminal activity and face serious legal trouble.

When you secure your router, don't forget to create a strong password. Click here to learn an easy method.

Detect snoops on your network - You're worried that a neighbor or someone else could be logging in to your network, but how do you tell? This program gives you fast information on what gadgets are connected to the network. Check it periodically to catch any unauthorized users and lock them out.

Hackers could be spying on you right now!
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Hackers could be spying on you right now!

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