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Back up your smartphone with ease

Q. Hi, Kim! I keep most of my pictures and movies of my little ones on my phone. Is there an easy way to back up mobile data? Thanks!
-Teri, from Dover, DE, listens to my national radio show on WDOV 1410 AM

A. As you've found, Teri, the powerful cameras on mobile gadgets make it simple to capture family memories. Sadly, mobile gadgets are remarkably easy to lose or break.


Losing all of those wonderful memories would be heartbreaking! That's why I'm glad you're thinking about backup solutions.

And the best backup solution around has just gotten better. My advertiser Carbonite has updated its app to include mobile backup.

Now, in addition to accessing your computer's backed up files, the app can back up videos and photos from a smartphone or tablet.

You may be thinking: Why can't I just use the iCloud or Google Drive app that comes on my phone? I've talked in the past about why these aren't the best backup solutions. Even worse, they both offer only limited space.

Unlimited backup is where Carbonite shines. You can back up every photo and video on your smartphone with no hassle. You'll pay big for the same convenience with other cloud apps.

This is just another example of how Carbonite stays on the cutting edge. I've raved about how it's on the cutting edge of security with its amazing double encryption method. The company uses the same methods as banks to protect your data!

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