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Block annoying posts on Facebook

Q. Help, Kim! My Facebook news feed is buried in Candy Crush updates. What can I do to weed out these posts so I only see what I want to see?
- Melissa from Eugene, OR, listens to my national radio show on KGAL 1580 AM


A. I get your frustration, Melissa. For those who don't know, Candy Crush Saga is a deceptively simple game that challenges players to match candies.

Not only is it simple, it's addictive. Everyone I know who starts playing it can't stop. King, the game developer, says that 16 million people play the game on Facebook each month! That doesn't even include the mobile app, which you can find on my site.

If you and your friends are playing Candy Crush on Facebook, you're probably buried in notifications.

Even if you're not playing Candy Crush Saga, odds are some of your Facebook friends are. It can bury your news feed quickly.

Or, maybe your news feed is jammed with other kinds of posts you'd rather not see. Let's face it, political rants or "I just had a great workout" posts can get old fast.

Before you hit the "unfriend" button, let me show you how to restore peace and order back into your news feed.

Blocking annoying game app notifications on Facebook is easy. Just log on and click the notifications tab - it's the globe icon - on the top right. Click the Settings link to go the notification settings.

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