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Watch NFL games online

Q. Hey, Kim. I'm really excited for football season, but I recently moved miles away from my Seahawks. I don't expect many of their games will be broadcast around here! I see a ton of sites that say I can watch football for free. Are these for real?
-Madison, from Dover, DE, listens to my national radio show on WDOV 1410 AM


A. Delaware is a long way away from Seattle, Madison! With all the improvements to streaming TV online, you would think watching out-of-market sports would be easy. However, It's still tough to watch your favorite team if you don't live nearby.

That's why the free-streaming sites you're talking about seem like a godsend. The catch, however, is that they aren't legal. You could land in big trouble with your ISP if you use them.

Plus, these sites may try to steal your identity or make you download spyware. The whole experience isn't worth the numerous headaches. Fortunately, there are other solutions for watching the NFL from your computer or mobile gadget.

NBC's Sunday Night Football has been streaming free online for years. Although Seattle doesn't have a Sunday Night game this year, you can still watch the prime time game each Sunday Night from your computer. You just need to make sure you have Microsoft Silverlight.

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