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Buying apps for kids

Q. My granddaughters are always glued to their phone playing with apps. I don't really know what apps are. They seem to love them, though. I'd like to buy them some more. How do I do that? Is there any way to make sure I don't buy them anything inappropriate? What are some of the good ones?
-Hugh, from Austin, TX, listens to my national radio show on KLBJ 590 AM/99.7 FM

A. That's a great question, Hugh. For kids, technology is second nature, but for people who weren't born with it, it requires some instruction. That's why you have me!


For those who still don't fully understand, apps are small programs made specifically for mobile devices. These can do everything from managing your phone's settings to adding cool, new features to your mobile device. Of course, many apps are just exciting and fun games.

The best place to find apps is the App Center on my site. It's where you'll find the best apps for both iOS and Android gadgets, and every day I add even more! Why is that the best place to go? Because believe it or not, there are more than a million apps out there. I sort through the noise and hand-select them for you. In addition to saving you an unbelievable amount of time, it's how you know they're safe.

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