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Create a strong security question

Create a strong security question

Q. Hey, Kim! Thanks to your great tips on creating a strong password I have a password that nobody can guess! But what if a snooper guesses the answer to my account's security question? Do you have any tips on how to create a security question that will keep my password secure? Thank you in advance!
-Kerri, from Tucson, AZ, listens to my national radio show on KNST 97.1FM/790 AM


A. You bring up a good point, Kerri. Most sites ask really simple security questions when you need to reset your password. Anyone who knows you probably knows what street you grew up on, your pet's name or your mother's maiden name.

I read a story recently about a hacker that targeted celebrities. All he needed to know to crack into accounts was the person's favorite color or pet's name. He found that information with a Google search!

You definitely want to make the answer to your security question more difficult. However, you also need your answer to be memorable so you don't forget it.

The best part about security questions is that only you know if the answer is true. Websites aren't going to fact check! You can give any answer to the question you choose.

"What is your mother's maiden name?" "The Gettysburg Address."

You could even put a string of random characters if the site allows it. Your first grade teacher could have the name "9YuTioN#&". It's like adding another password to your account!

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