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Easily record TV shows on your computer

Q. Is there any way I can use my computer to record television shows? I love my TiVo, but it’s an older model and fills up quickly. Instead of spending on a new model, I would prefer to replace it with my computer. Is that possible?
-Gary, from Oklahoma City, OK, listens to my national radio show with his Kim’s Club membership.


A. As you well know, Gary, digital video recorders are a great invention. The ability to watch what you want when you want is so convenient you never want to go back to scheduled programming.

Before continuing, I should point out that you can have the same convenience with streaming video. With a computer, you can watch free TV, turn your TV into a smart TV and more. Cord-cutters have been rejoicing at how helpful their computers can be.

But if you’re sticking with cable or broadcast TV, you’re stuck with a traditional DVR, right? Not so! Your computer can also work as a DVR.

Many people believe turning your computer into a DVR requires serious tech knowledge, but it really doesn’t. You might have everything you need to start recording all of your favorite shows right now.

A computer DVR will work with both cable and broadcast signals. If you want a great way to get free HDTV over the air, check out this inexpensive antenna. Satellite is more complicated because it is encrypted, and there are fewer options.

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