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How to detect an online scam

Q. I'm trying to launch a social media career so I can make some money and be a stay-at-home mom. I was recently asked to start paid pinning for a company on Pinterest where I have numerous follows. About a week after I started this paid pinning, the company emailed me, saying I had made almost $500 so far from my pins and asked me to sign a contract giving all negotiation of paid pinning opportunities to this company. Plus, they would own the rights to all my paid pinning activity for one full year. It sent over a three page contract and recommended I have a lawyer take a look. That sent up a little red flag. Please help. I don't know if this is legit or not. THANK YOU!
-Lindsay, from Elk Grove, CA, listens to my weekly radio show on KSTE 650 AM.

A. Way to be vigilant, Lindsay! Online scammers will trick you out of time and money if you're not careful.


Before I discuss that, I should explain Pinterest. This is a newer social media site that's like a virtual pin board. You repost pictures and links you find on the Web - this is called "pinning." Pay Pinterest a visit to see what I'm talking about.

Some companies are recruiting Pinterest members to post promotional items as a kind of affiliate marketing. Although some of these offers are legitimate, there have also been several reports of scams of this type.

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