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Alternatives to Google services

Q. I'm really worried about Google's new privacy policy, but I don't think I can live without Google Search, Google Maps or Gmail. Are there any good alternatives I can use instead? Thanks!
-Lisa from Bakersfield, CA, listens to my national radio show on KERN 1180 AM.


A. For those who aren't aware, Google has announced a sweeping change in its privacy policy. It's aiming to integrate all its services' privacy policies into a single policy.

Although Google assures users that this will create a more integrated experience, some are naturally concerned about their privacy. Find out why I'm not particularly worried.

Some die-hards are even talking about boycotting all Google products in protest. While I think that's probably going overboard, there are ways around using Google products if you're so inclined.

Before I discuss that, one of the easiest ways to prevent Google from tracking your online activity is to not sign in. Google Search and YouTube specifically don't require you to log in to use them.

Still, those are just two of many services, and most of the others require you to sign in. If you decide you want to avoid Google products altogether, here are some ideas.

Search engine
Of course, Google is best known for its hard-to-beat search engine. "Google" has even become a verb! But if you want to stay away from Google, try Microsoft's Bing search engine.

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