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Look to the cloud to keep your treasured digital photos safe

Q. I'm having a great time taking pictures and editing them in iPhoto on my Mac. I'm getting to a point now where I have quite a few keepers that I wouldn't want to lose. My life is in these pictures! What would you say is the best web solution for storing and keeping my photos safe? Thanks.
-Helen from Shreveport, LA, listens to my national radio show on KEEL 710 AM


A. Your question made me smile, Helen, because I (and everyone else who falls in love with digital photography) went through the same progression. It's a very fun and rewarding hobby.

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You're very smart to begin thinking about backing up your memories. By now, you should at least have your iPhoto library of images backed up on an external USB hard drive. If you haven't done this, do it now. I'll wait.

Good. This saves you from losing photos in case your Mac decides to have a motherboard meltdown. But what if, God forbid, you had a theft or a flood or a tornado? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but hard drives die and, when they do, they give little or no warning. Poof! All your files are gone in an instant.

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