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Cash in your old tech gear

As much as I love the digital world, there are a few frustrations. One is how fast new gadgets show up.

You can buy the latest and greatest gadget, and it'll be outdated in a week. Most gadgets are now only meant to last a few years. Eventually, you end up with old gadgets lying around unused.


Getting rid of this gear is problematic - you don't just want to throw it away. There's always recycling, of course, but wouldn't it be nice to make some of your money back?

For example, what if you bought the newest iPad and have your iPad 2 sitting around? Good news: The iPad 2 is still worth more than $350, depending on the model and condition.

You just have to know where to look. Before I tell you that, however, have some general tips for getting the best prices.

Make sure your gear is clean and looks nice. A few minutes with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol should do it. For monitors and televisions, be sure to use distilled water instead. Alcohol can damage the screen's coating.

Gather all the items that originally came with the gadget. That means power cords, USB cables, headphones, manuals, software and anything else. Also, turn the gadget on to make sure it still works.

When you describe the item, give a thorough description. Note any damage or imperfections. It also helps to post clear photos.

Is this a scam or not?
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Is this a scam or not?

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