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Sell your music online

Sell your music online
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Q. I want to sell music downloads for my band. Everyone makes it look so hard and costly. Help! Thank you.
-Kip from Saint Cloud, FL, listens to my national radio show on WFLA 540 A.M.

A. The Internet is really changing the face of media. It is giving artists opportunities they never had before. Authors, for example, can now self-publish and self-distribute books. In the past, they would be at the mercy of large publishers.


The music industry is changing as well. It isn't happening quickly, but it is happening. More artists are choosing to do things themselves.

Better technology means you can have a home recording studio. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars in studio time to recording your album. That's great for smaller bands and solo projects.

Artists are also relying less on music labels for promotion. The Internet lets you reach thousands or even millions of people. You can sell to them directly and cut out the middle man.

That's good for profits. The best record deal will net you around 10 percent of every CD or track sale. The rest goes to the label, production and promotion.

Doing it yourself, you can get up to an 80 percent return. Of course, you're responsible for production and promotion. That's where things get tricky. It sounds hard and costly because it can be.

Is it a scam?
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