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5 simple steps to a faster computer startup

5 simple steps to a faster computer startup
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I love laughing at ridiculous Hollywood computer myths or goofs. One of my favorites is when crime show computer gurus hit the "enhance" button in a graphics program and turn a hopelessly blurry photo into a crystal clear piece of evidence.


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Another one that always gets me comes courtesy of Marvel's "Avengers" movie. Let me set the scene.

The bad guy of the movie, Loki, throws good-guy billionaire and inventor Tony Stark out of an upper story window of a skyscraper. Tony's latest Iron Man suit comes flying after him, attaches to Tony in mid-air, and lets him fly away seconds before he hits the ground.

Fairly standard stuff for a superhero movie. However, if you're watching closely, you notice that the suit appears to start up in about two seconds after the helmet closes. You can see the little icons on the helmet display running through a startup sequence.

Even if the suit was booting up before it launched - and part of its software had to be working to catch Tony - that's still less than 30 seconds. This is a suit with a computer-controlled powered exoskeleton, artificial intelligence, radar, advanced weapon systems, a communication suite, flight control and stabilization, and who knows what else, and it boots faster than a simple stationary computer.

Whatever chip that suit is running, I want one. Back here in the real world, computers routinely take one to five minutes to start.

Still, just because this is the real world doesn't mean computers have to be that slow. In fact, there are some simple steps you can take to speed up your computer's start time. It won't be Iron Man levels of speed, but you won't have to time your computer using a calendar anymore. Next page: See how easy it is to speed up your computer

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