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Block adult sites to control online addictions

Block adult sites to control online addictions
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Q. I need help blocking some adult sites, Kim. The block should apply to everyone in my house, even me. There shouldn't be an easy way to get around the block, either. There's just some stuff online I have trouble avoiding and I want to scrub it from my computer altogether. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
-Struggling in Virginia listens to my national radio show on WSVA 550 AM .


A. Your question is a little different than the usual Web-filtering questions I receive. Typically, people ask me how to protect their children, curb distraction on social media or deal with general Internet addiction. You sound like you're struggling with something more intense.

Addiction to online pornography is actually a serious epidemic that not many people are brave enough to talk about. So, thank you for having the strength to ask.

Now for some sobering news: It's estimated that around one-third of all Internet traffic is pornographic, and some porn sites have server systems that rival Google and Facebook.

There is more porn online than anyone could look at in a lifetime, hours of it is added every minute and most of it is free and just a quick search away. You can't be online without encountering it at some point.

For those readers who don't struggle with pornography, I bet you know several people who do - even if you don't realize it. So be sure to forward this tip to your friends and family - men and women. It might help them start their path out of a tough struggle.

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