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5 common PC problems

The toaster is a typical electrical gadget. It browns your bread. Yes, it can be made difficult with too many choices. But, basically, anyone can operate it.


It will be a great day when computers achieve toaster-like simplicity. They are not there yet. And they show no signs of getting there anytime soon.

I have been answering computer questions for 15 years. I still get questions I have never seen before. It’s really amazing.

Nonetheless, certain questions pop up with regularity. No matter how many times I address them, they still come in. Some things cannot be said too often, I guess.

Certain problems are relatively common. Some result in replacement of the computer, often unnecessarily. Even a rank amateur can fix many problems. Taking it to the computer store will be expensive; you’ll be lucky to escape for less than $250. You should try to fix it yourself.

1. The spyware plague
A message pops up repeatedly, telling you to buy a security program. It happens so often that you can’t get any work done.

This is adware, or spyware. It’s probably the most common problem of all. Somewhere along the line, you were offered a free scan. The program “found” terrible things on your computer. It wants you to buy the product to clean your hard drive.

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