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Keep criminals off your Wi-Fi with ease

Don't let criminals use your Wi-Fi network for their illegal activities. Lock down your network now.
Tips May 20, 2017

Create easy to remember yet super-tough passwords

In the wake of password exposures and account hacks, I can't emphasize enough the importance of basic safety measures. Having a password to guard...
Downloads March 31, 2017

6 essential steps to secure your smartphone or tablet

There are plenty of risks to the sensitive information on your gadget. That's why you need to take immediate steps to lock down your...
Tips February 13, 2017

1 in 5 Facebook accounts being spied on! The reason will shock you

This is alarming! New research shows that one-fifth of all Facebook accounts are being accessed without the owner's permission. How are people sneaking in?...
Happening Now January 24, 2017

Hack-proof your life: 5 key steps to boost your safety online

At this moment, someone wants your information. Hackers covet your email account, your home address, and your social security number. They want to commandeer...
Columns January 7, 2017

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? This free tool reminds you

It happens all the time! Whenever you connect a new device to your network, you have to enter in the password. But what was...
Downloads November 29, 2016

FBI says it knows everything you do on your phone

The passcode on your smartphone or tablet is meant to offer you privacy and security. But the FBI has confessed to something very shocking....
Happening Now November 17, 2016

Check your home for these bug-riddled devices now

Internet users around the globe found themselves without service on October 21. This outage wasn't caused by a storm, but rather, a massive cyberattack....
Happening Now October 28, 2016

3 proven formulas for creating hack-proof passwords

Whether your passwords are too short, too simple or have been used time and time again, these mistakes can put your private information at...
Tips September 12, 2016

New password rules make them easy to remember and more secure

I'm no longer using passwords that look something like this: W7s@Pq!. They were very difficult to remember and extremely frustrating to enter, especially using...
Columns September 3, 2016

Don't make these common mistakes with your passwords

Don't just hand hackers your information. Learn how to create strong, but easy to remember passwords.
Tips June 30, 2016

One secret about online accounts every computer user needs to know

Do you remember every online account you've ever made? Most people create dozens of accounts that they’ve only used once. Just think of how...
Tips June 13, 2016

Top Story: 379 million passwords for sale on Dark Web

I know, it’s getting tiring. Every day, there’s a new breach. Sorry to tell you that your password is probably being sold online right...
Happening Now June 9, 2016

How to create the perfect password

We've got a solution. Don't be the next data breach victim. Here's how to keep all your online accounts safe and it's a lot...
Tips May 23, 2016

Top Story: 117 million people at risk in LinkedIn data breach

Why did it take LinkedIn four years to alert you to a data breach in which 117 million user passwords were stolen? And, what...
Happening Now May 19, 2016

273 million passwords stolen from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft in major security breach

Hackers have stolen at least 273 million email accounts and they're selling them on the Black Market in one of the world's worst data...
Happening Now May 4, 2016

It's World Password Day - check yours now

May 5th is World Password Day. It's a day put on by Intel Security that's meant to promote better password habits to keep hackers...
Happening Now May 4, 2016

Top Story: 866 million personal records breached

You won't believe this. A company that's supposed to help other companies find out if their customers' data has been breached had a major...
Happening Now May 2, 2016

Sponsor Content: Don't get caught using one of these terrible passwords

Passwords are your first line of defense against hackers, but most people are bad at making them strong. See if your passwords are on...
Happening Now March 19, 2016

Hacked account? Here's what to do now

Oh no, your account has been hacked! I'll help you take it back, whether it's email, social media or a bank account.
Tips February 12, 2016
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