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Alert: Has your identity already been stolen? 3 warning signs to check now

Identity theft can happen to anyone and will probably happen to you. Here's how to spot it fast.
Tips March 25, 2015

Protect your tax return from crooks and hackers

We're counting down the last month of tax filing season toward the April 15th deadline. But with tax season comes a frighteningly easy form...
Tips March 13, 2015

About 40,000 identities are in the open after a hard drive theft

A random theft has exposed 40,000 people's personal information.
Happening Now March 12, 2015

Security update: Gas pump debit card danger

Gas stations are using a new type of security to stop card thieves. Does it actually work?
Tips February 25, 2015

Despicable ID thieves scammed nursing home residents for $100,000

Terrible identity thieves target elderly nursing home residents.
Happening Now February 25, 2015

Warning: Printers and copiers store your personal data

There's a threat to your identity that no one is talking about. Find out how a common piece of office equipment can ruin your...
Tips January 29, 2015

Warning: Fake text messages stealing personal information

If you use a smartphone, this is an important warning for you. Please follow along to learn about this scary new threat, and what...
Happening Now January 23, 2015

Internet’s Dark Side you probably don’t know about

Hackers don't just steal your information, they sell it. Learn about the dark side of the Internet where these sales, and a lot more...
Tips January 22, 2015

Secret to using credit card numbers online

Shopping online is convenient, but dangerous. Use this essential tricks to keep your credit card number safe.
Tips January 12, 2015

3 worst places to swipe your debit card

Swiping your debit card is becoming riskier. Here are three places you might want to pay another way.
Tips January 3, 2015

5 best-kept travel secrets everyone should know

Traveling by plane or car this holiday? Click here for the 5 secrets to traveling stress-free.
Tips December 11, 2014

Which state is the worst for ID theft?

Identity theft is a very serious threat in this country and it's rapidly growing. Already, it's America's second-biggest fear, ahead of public speaking and...
Happening Now December 4, 2014

3 scams that can fool anybody

If you have money, valuables or even just good credit, you can bet that lots of crooks would love nothing more than to steal...
Tips November 13, 2014

5 identity theft myths you probably believe but shouldn't

Think you know how identity theft works? Find out how many of these five myths you believe but shouldn't.
Tips November 11, 2014

Avoid losing your identity to a phishing scam

Scammers are going phishing in your email. Find out how to stop them.
Tips October 25, 2014

Keep yourself protected from one of Americans' greatest fears

Identity theft is of the biggest fears shared by most Americans. Find out how to keep yourself protected.
Happening Now October 23, 2014

Are you a Staples shopper? Hackers might already have your credit card

Another day, another hack. Today, we learn the mega retailer Staples is the latest company to fall victim to clever hackers and expose customers'...
Happening Now October 21, 2014

Hackapalooza: FBI totals up 500 million accounts hacked in past year!

Cybercriminals have hacked over 500 million financial records in the U.S. in the past 12 months
Happening Now October 21, 2014

Kmart's payment server hacked: More than 1,300 stores affected

Kmart confirmed over the weekend that Kmart stores' payment data system was "purposely" infected with a "new form" of malware that allowed hackers to...
Happening Now October 13, 2014

Nearly half of all companies had a data breach in the last year

If it seems like every time you get on the Internet there's a new story about a hack, a data breach, or how your...
Happening Now September 24, 2014
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