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Powerful automation app is now FREE

Apple's latest acquisition is something worth sharing. The tech giant has recently purchased one of the world's most popular apps. Best of all, the...
Happening Now March 25, 2017

7 great alternatives to iTunes

Had it with iTunes? Here are some alternatives you'll want to try out.
Tips March 16, 2017

New way to buy and sell used cars

Have you been thinking about buying a used car lately? Maybe it's time to get yourself a new set of wheels but aren't sure...
Apps March 5, 2017

Hackers locking users out of iPhones and iPads using stolen Apple IDs

Your Apple ID is required for many services, including the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage and more. Hackers are using this well-known fact...
Happening Now February 27, 2017

Easiest way to backup your smartphone

My smartphone is probably the most important gadget I own. I store so much on it that I'd be lost without it. You can...
Tips December 27, 2016

Did Apple delete files from users' computers?

iTunes users claim Apple deleted songs from their computers. Find out why they did it and how you can prevent it from happening to...
Happening Now May 9, 2016

New movies and TV shows coming to Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and others in May

What movies and shows to expect on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime and iTunes in May.
Happening Now April 30, 2016

Here's how to make your iTunes great again

Have you noticed that the once-great iTunes store from Apple has become really annoying? If you're using it on your Mac or PC, there...
Tips April 25, 2016

Update: Dangerous phishing text scam - don't miss this big red flag

This Apple ID scam is huge and keeps spreading fast, and stealing users' IDs and credit card information. There's a new red flag warning...
Happening Now April 20, 2016

Flash Tip: How to manage devices for Apple Music

Apple Music allows you to add up to 10 devices under one Apple ID. Here's how to easily manage your device list.
Tips March 11, 2016

Make your very own app

A fun, step-by-step process to create your own app.
Cool Sites November 4, 2015

Kids use 'secret apps' to hide photos, videos and files

Your kids are using secret apps to hide their texts and social media chats from you. Good news: we've got a few suggestions to...
Tips September 12, 2015

5 great new amazing apps for your iPhone or iPad, #4 is incredible

At Komando.com, we tell you about a new and exciting app everyday that will make your life easier, save you money or help you get the most out...
Tips August 26, 2015

This is how much musicians ACTUALLY earn online

Do you know how much artists earn when you stream or download their music online?
Happening Now April 3, 2015

Listen to my Digital Minute and show clips for free

Want a daily dose of Kim? Subscribe to my iTunes podcast for the best advice on privacy, money and more from my show.
Cool Sites March 1, 2015

Take me with you wherever you go

You don't have to be next to the radio to hear my show. Try this great app to take me with you!
Apps February 27, 2015

Komando On Demand podcasts with iTunes for Windows and Mac

Now you can listen to Kim Komando on the go with FREE Podcasts that keep you up to date with the best of today's...
Downloads January 1, 2015

Apple deleted non-iTunes songs from people's iPods

If you've been an Apple user for any length of time, then you know how difficult it can be to get apps, music and...
Happening Now December 4, 2014

Watch, listen to, organize and buy movies, music, books and more

Need a full-featured media player? Give this popular program a look.
Downloads October 20, 2014

Apple updates iTunes: What's better and what's worse

In the rush of recent updates to the iPad, the iMac, iOS and OS X, it's easy to overlook Apple's updates to one of its long-standing programs:...
Happening Now October 20, 2014
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