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How to get the lowest airfare online

Are you ready for your next vacation? Maybe you need a break and want to head to a sunny beach destination. Or perhaps it's...
Tips March 18, 2017

Samsung makes it easier to exchange Note 7 smartphones

This year has been rough for Samsung, with reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7's flooding the media. Making things worse, airlines banned these devices...
Happening Now October 19, 2016

4 best-kept travel secrets everyone should know

Traveling by plane or car this summer? Click here for the four secrets to traveling stress-free.
Tips May 24, 2016

Get real-time updates on any flight

Loved ones flying in? Make sure you know where the flight is before you head to the airport.
Apps May 8, 2016

7 jaw-dropping aircraft designs that reveal the future of air travel

The 20th Century saw rapid innovation in airplane design, but the 21st Century could have even more exciting advances in store.
Tips April 14, 2016

Secrets to make flying better

Make the most of your next trip. Save time by skipping lines, relaxing in style at the airport, getting comfy seats on the plane,...
Apps March 28, 2016

FAA: Pilots forget how to fly without automation tech

One of the biggest arguments for adopting self-driving cars is that they'll reduce human error. In theory, that should reduce the number of car...
Happening Now January 13, 2016

Essential airline price comparison

A graphic app that makes finding cheap flights easy.
Apps November 30, 2015

Which airlines have the best in-flight Wi-Fi?

If you travel a lot, especially for work, you know that Wi-Fi connections in flight are not great. In fact, they're pricey and you...
Happening Now November 25, 2015

Now you can know exactly what perks and snacks you're paying for when you book a flight

Whether you love to travel often or just occasionally take a trip by air, you know you're going to run into hidden fees. It...
Happening Now October 20, 2015

Don't just throw away your boarding pass. Shred it

What could possibly be dangerous about an airline boarding pass? It just has your name and destination on it, right? Unfortunately not, according to...
Happening Now October 7, 2015

Save money and see more places when you travel abroad

Looking for a cheap flight? Or want to take in two destinations on your next vacation? Combine airline tickets and save with this Cool...
Cool Sites October 4, 2015

Find the cheapest airfare around

Sure, you see the commercials advertising sites that claim to save you a ton of money on airfare. But what you don't know is...
Apps September 10, 2015

Superfast Internet could be on its way to your next flight

In-flight Internet is almost the holy grail of the telecommunications industry. It's been so slow and so spotty forever, but there's almost nowhere on...
Happening Now August 26, 2015

Was your flight grounded this weekend? FAA blames software glitch

If you look through the comments on any of the Windows 10 stories we've posted recently, you'll see a number of people have encountered...
Happening Now August 17, 2015

Major airline hit by major data breach

Another day, another hack of U.S. companies from an outside government. At least that's what it's beginning to feel like. Today's news comes from...
Happening Now August 10, 2015

Chinese hackers hit the world's second-biggest airline

It's now being reported that the same Chinese hackers who recently hit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and health insurance company Anthem, Inc., hacked...
Happening Now July 30, 2015

From my show: Flight attendants take passenger photos

Next time you take a flight, be on the lookout for your flight attendant secretly photographing passengers. Click here to find out why!
Happening Now July 20, 2015

Get airline tickets for up to 90% cheaper

This site can save you a lot of money on airline tickets.
Happening Now May 28, 2015

Uh-oh. Hackers might really be able to control planes using in-flight Wi-Fi

Last month, I told you about a security researcher who was taken off of a United Airlines flight after tweeting a message about hacking...
Happening Now May 18, 2015
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