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Sponsor: What is Zoho, and how can I use it to boost sales for my business?

Sponsor: What is Zoho, and how can I use it to boost sales for my business?
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In a perfect world, owning a business would only entail doing the parts you love. Maybe it's designing new products, or consulting with your clients. Every business owner is different, but one thing is the same: If you asked why they started their company in the first place, few business owners would say because I love handling all of my sales, marketing, human resources and accounting.

As we all know, this isn't a perfect world, and owning a business is beyond challenging. To make it all work, business owners are often required to wear multiple hats and understand every aspect of operations. This means that scaling your business and taking on more work can easily become overwhelming.

That's why we're happy to welcome Zoho as a sponsor of the Kim Komando Show and Komando.com. Zoho's business is providing you with the tools you need to make your business thrive!

How Zoho works:

At its core, Zoho is a software development company that strives to create tools that solve business problems. Zoho's roots date back to 1996 and has since created more than 30 programs and applications that make managing your business easy.

Not sure what we're talking about? Here's a quick overview of how Zoho works:

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Zoho Projects is just the tip of the iceberg! Whether you need help with marketing, sales, finance, managing leads, retaining customers or solving any other type of problem, Zoho has you covered! In fact, you can think of Zoho as the operating system for your business. Just check out this list of tools you can use to attract and retain customers, increase productivity from your staff, get paid faster and more!

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM: Attract, retain and delight more customers. 
  • Motivator: Boost revenue and improve team engagement with exciting sales contests.
  • Campaigns: Reach and engage your customers. Email newsletters with CRM and Social Media Integration.
  • Survey: Create professional surveys with ease. Get better responses.
  • Sites: Create beautiful websites with ease. Get online with your business.
  • SalesIQ: Convert website visitors into customers.
  • Social: Actionable insights for social media marketing.
  • ContactManager: Simple contact management tool for small teams and professionals.
  • Forms: Build powerful online forms, gather actionable data and complete your workflows as you go. Inspire your mobile workforce and stay productive.
  • SalesInbox: Turn unopened emails into closed deals with the email client built exclusively for salespeople.

Email & Collaboration

  • Mail: Business email hosting with the cleanest webmail & integrated productivity apps.
  • Chat: The smart way to work.
  • Connect: The social network for your company.
  • Docs: Create, share and collaborate on documents easily.
  • Projects: The best way to keep track of everything from simple tasks to complex projects.
  • BugTracker: Build a culture for your team to track, fix bugs and ship great products that customers love.
  • Meeting: Host secure online meetings with anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • ShowTime: A presentation delivery platform that lets you engage and interact with your audience in real-time, measure your presentation performance and establish yourself as a speaker.
  • Vault: Online Password Manager for Teams. Securely Store, Share and Manage Passwords.

Help Desk Software

  • Desk: Put customer service at the heart of your company. With Zoho Desk, agents become more productive, managers become more impactful, and customers become more empowered.
  • Assist: Connect to remote computers instantly; provide secure and seamless support.
  • Mobile Device Management: Mobile Device Manager Plus helps you manage and secure your organization's mobile devices that run on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


  • Books: Smart way to do your small business accounting.
  • Invoice: Craft professional invoices instantly and get paid fast online.
  • Subscriptions: Manage subscription billing with ease.
  • Expense: Automate travel and business expense reporting, streamline approvals, gain spend visibility and control.
  • Inventory: Multi-channel selling and order management for growing businesses.
  • Checkout: Simple one-time and recurring online payments solution.

Human Resources

  • People: Organize, automate and simplify your HR processes.
  • Recruit: Recruit the smart and efficient way! 

Business Process

  • Creator: Create custom applications to automate your business processes.
  • AppCreator: Take your business mobile.
  • Reports: Know and Track Your Key Business Metrics.
  • Site24x7: Monitoring Availability and End User Experience for IT Teams Made Simple. 

Signing up for Zoho

Just looking at that list should make you excited! Zoho offers so many tools that can benefit your business, it's almost difficult to know where you should get started.

The good news is, you can try things out before you buy! Zoho offers a free subscription for up to 10 users for 15 days. That gives you time to test out the programs and see how they'll work specifically for your business.

To get started, visit Zoho.com and click Sign Up Now in the top right-hand corner. From there, set up your profile by entering your email address and creating a password. Once your profile is created you can begin browsing through and testing the various software applications. There's no sign-up fee, and you won't even be asked to enter in your credit card information.

Without Zoho, keeping your business on track is stressful and complicated. We'll be sharing more information about how Zoho can help streamline every aspect of your daily operations. But time is money, so you shouldn't wait another minute. Click here to set up your free account and get the tools you need to grow your business today!

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