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What is Tor browser, and is it safe?

You've heard me talk about a software called Tor before, but what does it do? And is it safe to download? The answer may...
Downloads March 28, 2017

Pick the right web browser for you

If you've been using the same web browser forever, you may be missing out on some cool features that let you customize your internet...
Downloads March 17, 2017

Easily control privacy settings on Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 has been widely embraced for being more intuitive and less clunky than Windows 8. But there's a downside. This popular operating...
Downloads March 7, 2017

Free Wi-Fi scanner for your home network

Consider what is connected to your network. There's your computer, tablet, phone and television, for starters. Now, add those internet-connected you-name-its from cameras, light...
Downloads February 8, 2017

Find the strongest Wi-Fi signal in your home

Have Wi-Fi coverage issues? If you've ever struggled to fix the Wi-Fi connection in your home, you need this freebie. It’s an innovative way...
Downloads January 23, 2017

Get this Microsoft download to easily manage your work schedule

Have you ever wished that you could swap a shift with one of your coworkers? Maybe a family emergency has come up, or you're...
Downloads January 17, 2017

Improve your SEO position and get your site noticed

Ever wondered why no one can find your website? With millions of sites out on the web, it's challenging to get your content noticed....
Downloads January 3, 2017

Free posters from NASA to inspire future explorers

NASA has big plans for visiting Mars within the next few decades. But can you believe much of the planning has already begun? One...
Downloads December 6, 2016

Top 5 free extensions for Microsoft Edge

With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in August, Microsoft finally rolled out extension support for its Edge browser, making it more...
Downloads December 2, 2016

Quickly list every gadget using your wireless network

Being online or using Wi-Fi all the time is so convenient, most people don't realize the effort it takes to stay connected. But that...
Downloads November 4, 2016

Free browser extension lets you see what data Facebook has on you

Facebook wants to know as much about you as possible and tracks the things that you like. One reason it does this is to...
Downloads September 30, 2016

Be completely anonymous online

Want to be anonymous online? Leave no traces with this free download.
Downloads September 30, 2016

FREE Download: Update Java for better security

Is your Java up to date? You've probably heard me talk about Java security problems in the past. They still exist! If you haven't...
Downloads July 26, 2016

Find the best price online with the click of a button

Shopping online is fast and convenient, but how do you know you're getting the best deal? There are so many retailers out there, so...
Downloads July 19, 2016

Critical Adobe Flash update tool

Adobe Flash Player makes the Internet come alive. It's used to play videos and audio, and to view interactive animations. But it’s also one...
Downloads June 21, 2016

Free VPN to surf anonymously and protect your privacy

Don't let hackers spy on you, especially when you're using Wi-Fi. Here's how to surf the web safely and anonymously.
Downloads June 7, 2016

A powerful tool for better, faster Wi-Fi

Find Wi-Fi networks that are around you with this powerful program.
Downloads May 27, 2016

4 ways to keep your anonymity online

You don't have to give up your privacy when you're online. These 4 sites help keep you hidden from prying eyes, and spies.
Downloads April 15, 2016

Tailor the Internet to your interests

Customize the Internet, so you see articles, photos, and videos that are of interest to you.
Downloads March 18, 2016

3 free programs to personalize your Web browsing

The Internet is great, especially when you have the time to get lost in all it has to offer. But it's even better when...
Downloads March 18, 2016
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