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Easily edit your videos like a pro

You've got videos saved on all your devices. They're in different formats and some don't look great. These easy-to-use programs can help you edit...
Downloads March 29, 2017

Smart motion detection for your webcam

Want to watch your home when you're out? Turn your webcam into a security camera with this simple software.
Downloads November 6, 2016

Powerful media organizer for your music and video collection

Organizing your media collection was simple when you owned VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs. Now that everything is digital, keeping track of every movie...
Downloads September 6, 2016

Critical Adobe Flash update tool

Adobe Flash Player makes the Internet come alive. It's used to play videos and audio, and to view interactive animations. But it’s also one...
Downloads June 21, 2016

FREE Download: A free media player that plays just about everything

Now, you can watch your videos in any format whenever you want with this flexible software.
Downloads June 12, 2016

An all-in-one player lets you edit and reformat videos

An all-in-one video player lets you edit videos and convert them from one format to another one, without losing picture quality.
Downloads March 15, 2016

Change the orientation of your videos

Adjust the orientation of your videos, from landscape to portrait, or vice versa.
Downloads March 15, 2016

Easily edit your videos for free

Easily edit out the parts of videos you don't want to see.
Downloads March 15, 2016

Watch and listen to your favorite streaming content when you're overseas

You can watch or listen to your favorite streaming content from anywhere in the world.
Downloads January 22, 2016

Easily crop photos to fit your gadget's screen

Easily crop pictures to fit your device, whether it's a smartphone or a widescreen computer. Plus, edit photos and videos.
Downloads January 20, 2016

Turn your photos and videos into an artistic movie

Create a movie from your photographs and videos.
Downloads January 2, 2016

Best video editing software

Need to edit videos? Use the program the pros use. Don't worry; it's free!
Downloads December 27, 2015

Create works of art using your photos and videos

Blend your videos and photographs into one image.
Downloads December 2, 2015

Convert all your videos into formats you can watch and edit

Convert videos from one format to another, to use on multiple Windows and Mac devices. Edit videos, download online videos, and burn videos to...
Downloads November 21, 2015

Record Skype video calls the easy way

Record your Skype calls.
Downloads November 17, 2015

Play videogames and watch TV and movies together no matter where you are

Sync up multiple devices so you can watch TV shows, movies or play video games with your friends and family, no matter where you...
Downloads October 30, 2015

5 great sites for free stock videos

Want to perk up your Website? Try adding video with free stock footage from these sites.
Downloads August 27, 2015

Turn your cherished digital photos into personalized films

If you want to turn your family photos into a film with a custom soundtrack, you'll want to try this free download.
Downloads August 21, 2015

Video chat without logging in to an account

Video chat is everywhere these days, but one option doesn't require you or the person you'd like to have a conversation with to have...
Downloads August 9, 2015

An improved video-editing tool

Home movies are a lot of fun to make. With a little work, you can create a professional looking video. Editing tools are getting...
Downloads August 4, 2015
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