Office and School in Downloads

Instantly check your spelling and grammar as you type

Their, there, or they're? Passive voice or active voice? Oxford commas? The rules of the English language can be so hard to follow and...
Downloads May 2, 2017

Easy desktop organizer saves you time and energy

It's the little things that add up. At work, or when you're on the computer at home, those little things include clicking from one...
Downloads April 24, 2017

Know which programs you can safely delete from your PC

How do you know which programs to keep and which to delete? This program can tell you.
Downloads April 2, 2017

Get older versions of popular programs for free

Have you ever upgraded to the latest version of one of your favorite programs and regretted it? Maybe the new version is buggy or...
Downloads February 28, 2017

Print from anywhere there's an internet connection

Have you ever wished you could print something out when you weren't at home? It's a problem we've all encountered, and I've found a...
Downloads February 24, 2017

Download 50,000 free books

Do you love poring over reference books and having thousands of resources at your disposal? The publishing company Springer International has more than 50,000...
Downloads February 17, 2017

Best organization and production apps

If you've been using Windows 10, you might find yourself liking Microsoft again. What you may not know is that there are a few...
Downloads February 7, 2017

Turn your tablet into a second monitor

Do you remember that old expression, "If I could only be in two places at once?" That concept has taken hold around the country,...
Downloads January 26, 2017

FREE Download: One step to reduce eye strain from your computer monitor

Do you suffer from digital eye strain? More than 65 percent of Americans do. Your eyes might be dry or itchy from staring at...
Downloads January 24, 2017

A powerful personal finance manager

Managing your finances can be complicated, especially if you have multiple bank accounts or other special circumstances. This powerful software can help sort it...
Downloads December 19, 2016

Best free office suite most like Microsoft Office

Need a versatile word processor? You don't have to buy Microsoft Office anymore to get the tools you need. I've found a free program...
Downloads December 9, 2016

This free Personal Information Manager will keep you organized

You remember you have a lunch meeting with your friend at 12:30, but you can't remember where. But how could you remember? Your notes...
Downloads October 25, 2016

Get great free templates and awesome themes for Microsoft Office

Have a project that needs to be done? No matter the reason or special event, you can use Microsoft Office to create all sorts...
Downloads October 11, 2016

Try this easy-to-use and free alternative to Windows Explorer

Trying to locate your files with Windows Explorer can be a huge pain. You have to go through a cumbersome process that involves several...
Downloads October 7, 2016

Download Google Drive's free MS Office plug-in

Google Drive users now have a simple way to save and edit their Microsoft Office documents in the cloud.
Downloads August 16, 2016

This powerful free office program can replace Microsoft Office

Tired of paying big bucks for Microsoft Office? Try this excellent free alternative.
Downloads July 8, 2016

Thousands of free books for your eReader, tablet, phone or computer

Thousands of free e-books are just a click away. History, biographies, romance and mysteries - it's all here!
Downloads June 24, 2016

50 effective resume templates

You only get one chance to make a first impression when you’re applying for a new job. That means you need a killer resume...
Downloads June 20, 2016

Free PDF file creator so easy to use

Check out this great program to create PDFs for flyers, brochures, newsletters and more!
Downloads June 10, 2016

FREE Download: How to fix a stuck printer in less than 30 seconds

Stuck print job got you flummoxed? This problem-solving software fixes it in less than 30 seconds!
Downloads June 5, 2016
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