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Easy way to ensure every website you visit is secure

Most of us have our favorite websites that we check in on every day. But some of these sites could be a security risk....
Downloads May 12, 2017

Fix Facebook annoyances and save time with this trick

Do you love Facebook like I do? Since there are nearly 2 billion active monthly users worldwide, there's a good chance that you are....
Downloads May 5, 2017

Backup all your devices into one account

When was the last time you sat down at your desktop computer? At the office, it's essential. But in our personal lives, not so...
Downloads April 14, 2017

Create easy to remember yet super-tough passwords

In the wake of password exposures and account hacks, I can't emphasize enough the importance of basic safety measures. Having a password to guard...
Downloads March 31, 2017

Create and edit word documents online with ease

Need a versatile word processor that you can access from anywhere? You don't have to buy Microsoft Office anymore to get the tools you...
Downloads March 24, 2017

Pick the right web browser for you

If you've been using the same web browser forever, you may be missing out on some cool features that let you customize your internet...
Downloads March 17, 2017

Easily control privacy settings on Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 has been widely embraced for being more intuitive and less clunky than Windows 8. But there's a downside. This popular operating...
Downloads March 7, 2017

Get older versions of popular programs for free

Have you ever upgraded to the latest version of one of your favorite programs and regretted it? Maybe the new version is buggy or...
Downloads February 28, 2017

Get this Microsoft download to easily manage your work schedule

Have you ever wished that you could swap a shift with one of your coworkers? Maybe a family emergency has come up, or you're...
Downloads January 17, 2017

How much space is available on your PC? Find out with this trick

Everyone who uses Microsoft Windows probably shares the same problem. With so many places to store your files, it's easy to lose track of...
Downloads January 11, 2017

Best program to take and share screen shots

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to capture everything you're doing on the computer so you could save it for...
Downloads December 16, 2016

200,000 free images you can use for anything

Did you know that the New York Public Library (NYPL) has over 200,000 images that you can download for free? Not only can you...
Downloads October 28, 2016

Never accidentally download unwanted program add-ons ever again

Tired of scouring install screens for sneaky toolbars and extra programs? This program takes care of it once and for all!
Downloads October 4, 2016

Express yourself with digital art

You don't have to be a professional painter to create impressive artwork anymore. These days, you can create digital masterpieces using your mouse and...
Downloads September 13, 2016

Save time and energy on repetitive tasks

Want to save time? This download helps you streamline your computer use in ways you won't believe!
Downloads June 28, 2016

Recover deleted photos, videos and documents

Oh no! Where did those important photos go? This free program can recover them for you.
Downloads June 17, 2016

Get the best prices online

Keep your savings high and your costs low with this free, easy add-on.
Downloads May 13, 2016

Free landscape design software

Turn your backyard into an outdoor living space without getting your hands dirty.
Downloads May 10, 2016

6 ways to slash your grocery bills

Want to save money on groceries? These sites will help stretch your dollars.
Downloads April 12, 2016

Change the world with your computer's spare time

Help researchers make crucial discoveries with your computer.
Downloads April 8, 2016
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