Video Games in Downloads

Download 1,000 ad-free solitaire games for free

From Klondike to Spider solitaire, Hex-a-deck, Mahjongg and more, you'll have more games than you know what to do with.
Downloads August 30, 2016

The most-played computer game in history gets an upgrade

Solitaire just got a lot better. The most-played game in history has a flashy new upgrade with multiple games and challenges. The best part...
Downloads June 1, 2016

Play more than 100 games from one interface

Play more than 125 fun, easy games like Minesweeper and Tetris from one interface.
Downloads February 19, 2016

A clever 3-D mahjong game

Windows 8 and Windows 10 users will love this free 3-D mahjong simulator. It's great for killing time and exercising your brain.
Downloads February 19, 2016

Fun and free games to play on your computer

One of the best ways to clear you mind is to play games, including classic computer games that are fun and free.
Downloads February 19, 2016

Play Windows 7 games on Windows 10

Play classic PC games for Windows 7 on Windows 10 computers.
Downloads January 23, 2016

Easily create a video game

Easily create your own videogames.
Downloads November 4, 2015

Become a game developer in seconds

Create a videogame using simple drag-and-drop functionality. About 750,000 game makers have already published 65,000 games.
Downloads November 4, 2015

Play videogames and watch TV and movies together no matter where you are

Sync up multiple devices so you can watch TV shows, movies or play video games with your friends and family, no matter where you...
Downloads October 30, 2015

AndyRoid puts Android phone games on bigger screens

If you know someone who loves to play videogames like "Clash of Clans" or "Angry Birds Fight" on their Android smartphone, or if that's...
Downloads August 28, 2015

Play 'Pong,' 'Pac-Man' and 'Space Invaders' at the same time

Play three classic video games at once.
Downloads July 4, 2015

Android apps on your PC

Use your favorite Android mobile apps on your computer.
Downloads July 2, 2015

Software was $1,300, now free

Pixar knows a thing or two about animation and rendering software. After all, it is the world-famous studio behind classics like "Toy Story," "Finding...
Downloads June 25, 2015

Master bridge with this program

Play Bridge on your computer.
Downloads June 11, 2015

Unwind with this beautiful tile-matching game

Is your brain ready for a break? This download can soothe your mind while keeping it ready for action.
Downloads June 1, 2015

Play Texas Hold'em poker on your computer

You can play Texas Hold'em poker right on your computer.
Downloads April 17, 2015

Master this classic card game in a flash

Master this classic card game and be a dead ringer at your next get-together!
Downloads March 27, 2015

Learn chess from a virtual master

Think you can play chess? This amazing chess tutor can give you a run for your money!
Downloads December 19, 2014

Free classic games with a fun twist for Windows PCs

Missing old-school gaming? Play free classic video games with a fun twist.
Downloads October 10, 2014

Amazing free game that you just have to try

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to fly? This program comes pretty close to letting you experience the real thing!
Downloads September 13, 2014
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