Desktop Tools in Downloads

Add old-school features to your computer

Don't like the new way Windows 8 does things? Bring back the Windows Start Menu, and make other tweaks, with this free program.
Downloads June 21, 2016

Free PDF file creator so easy to use

Check out this great program to create PDFs for flyers, brochures, newsletters and more!
Downloads June 10, 2016

Press 'pause' on your inbox

Take a break and disconnect. Even if it's just for a few minutes, you need a chance to refresh. This easy-to-use FREE download will...
Downloads June 9, 2016

FREE Download: Grab these free Windows essential apps

We love FREE stuff! Did you know Microsoft gives away really useful software programs for photo editing, making movies, storing your files, and much...
Downloads June 3, 2016

Free award-winning photo editor

This free photo editor lets you improve the look of one picture at a time, or a lot of photos at one time.
Downloads May 31, 2016

FREE Download: Find out if neighbors are using your Wi-Fi

It's easy for hackers, criminals and your next-door neighbor to use your Wi-Fi. Here's how to make sure they don't steal the signal you're...
Downloads May 30, 2016

A powerful tool for better, faster Wi-Fi

Find Wi-Fi networks that are around you with this powerful program.
Downloads May 27, 2016

Press 'pause' on your inbox

Take a break and disconnect. Even if it's just for a few minutes, you need a chance to refresh. This easy-to-use FREE download will...
Downloads May 27, 2016

Speed up your startup

Get your morning started right. You can dramatically speed up your computer's startup time with this easy-to-install FREE download.
Downloads May 26, 2016

Easily turn PDFs into Microsoft Word docs

FREE download. Now you can edit PDFs by easily turning them into Microsoft Word documents.
Downloads May 24, 2016

Easily uninstall apps from Windows 10

You know how tough it can be to uninstall computer programs on older versions of Windows. You have to go to the Start menu,...
Downloads April 29, 2016

3 ways to be more organized

You can get an incredible amount of work done with your computer, if you're organized. After all, you can't get much done if you...
Downloads April 22, 2016

Know which programs are safe to delete

How do you know which programs to keep and which to delete? This program can tell you.
Downloads March 24, 2016

A fast and free alternative to Windows and OS X

Tired of Windows and want an operating system that's faster and more secure? Give this Linux-based OS a shot.
Downloads March 23, 2016

Get Chrome OS for your computer - FREE

Want to give your computer a second lease on life? Try this free alternative operating system.
Downloads March 23, 2016

Fun 3-D tool lets you see how beautiful your home could be

Have fun designing a new landscape for your home with this 3-D tool, before you pay a contractor to start digging and planting.
Downloads March 22, 2016

Easily create your own professional looking magazine

Create your own professional-looking magazine. It's easy and free.
Downloads March 18, 2016

Tailor the Internet to your interests

Customize the Internet, so you see articles, photos, and videos that are of interest to you.
Downloads March 18, 2016

Get guidance for your day with your personalized horoscope

Start your day off with Daily Horoscope.
Downloads March 18, 2016

3 free programs to personalize your Web browsing

The Internet is great, especially when you have the time to get lost in all it has to offer. But it's even better when...
Downloads March 18, 2016