Desktop Tools in Downloads

Best program to clean up your browser’s cookies, tracks and more

Sooner or later, the day will come when your trusty computer has a problem. When it happens, don't jump the gun. The problem may...
Downloads December 30, 2016

Powerful free program to produce music with your PC or Mac

Nowadays, you don't have to be a professional musician to record a high-quality track. All you need is a good ear, a software program...
Downloads December 27, 2016

Best program to take and share screen shots

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to capture everything you're doing on the computer so you could save it for...
Downloads December 16, 2016

Forgot your Wi-Fi password? This free tool reminds you

It happens all the time! Whenever you connect a new device to your network, you have to enter in the password. But what was...
Downloads November 29, 2016

The prettiest part of winter on your computer screen

Are you ready for winter? If that word conjures up any negative feelings about shoveling or driving through slush, turn your attention for a...
Downloads November 25, 2016

Find license keys to installed software

Not having these activation keys can be a huge problem if you have to set up your computer again. You'll have to reinstall and...
Downloads November 18, 2016

Free download tracks who made changes to files and when

Are you on a shared computer at home or in the office? Or maybe you and your family or co-workers access the same file...
Downloads November 11, 2016

Personalize your Windows 10 desktop

If you've been using Windows 10 for a while now, you have probably been discovering many of its more useful, newer features. But there...
Downloads November 1, 2016

Free download to turn off your PC at a set time

You've dusted your desk, arranged your pens, pocketed your cellphone. What are you forgetting? Oh yes, to turn off your computer! PC owners can...
Downloads October 21, 2016

Essential tech tool every computer owner needs

Computer problems are always annoying, especially when programs crash or your system runs slowly. It could be a corrupt driver, a problem with your...
Downloads October 18, 2016

Nuke your hard drive before getting rid of an old PC

Disposing of a computer requires preparation. You must take precautions not to jeopardize any sensitive personal information. This program helps you completely wipe your...
Downloads October 18, 2016

Never accidentally download unwanted program add-ons ever again

Tired of scouring install screens for sneaky toolbars and extra programs? This program takes care of it once and for all!
Downloads October 4, 2016

Skip the start menu with this free download

With Windows 10, it's easier than ever to find a specific file or application. Just use Cortana or type in a few letters on...
Downloads September 27, 2016

Speed up your PC by eliminating stubborn programs and plug-ins

Have you ever wondered why your PC slows down so much after a year or two? Programs that can't be removed, are unused, or...
Downloads September 24, 2016

Speed up your PC with a free tune-up

If you've ever wondered why your computer is so frustratingly slow, one reason is that your PC is bogged down with junk you don't...
Downloads September 20, 2016

Automatically patch your computer with every update

Don't leave your computer unprotected because it takes so long to update. This program will do all the heavy lifting for you.
Downloads September 8, 2016

Keep any window visible at all times with a simple keyboard shortcut

Keep any window visible at all times with a simple keyboard shortcut.
Downloads August 19, 2016

Download Google Drive's free MS Office plug-in

Google Drive users now have a simple way to save and edit their Microsoft Office documents in the cloud.
Downloads August 16, 2016

Organize Windows folders into a neat stack

Finding documents and photos on your computer's desktop can be maddening. They're never where you thought you'd saved them. But with this trick, you'll...
Downloads August 9, 2016

Free digital dictionary helps find fast definitions, synonyms and more

Whether vocabulary is one of your strength or weaknesses, it never hurts to have easy access to a dictionary. But nobody wants to lug...
Downloads July 29, 2016