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Change your phone's ringtone to something more soothing

Many people don't think too much about their smartphone's ringtone. It may have come with your phone, but you've probably experienced that jolt when...
Downloads May 19, 2017

Powerful free program to produce music with your PC or Mac

Nowadays, you don't have to be a professional musician to record a high-quality track. All you need is a good ear, a software program...
Downloads December 27, 2016

Hundreds of free Christmas songs available

The Christmas holiday can really be a strain on your wallet, but it doesn't have to be a strain on your ears. Take back...
Downloads November 26, 2016

Powerful media organizer for your music and video collection

Organizing your media collection was simple when you owned VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs. Now that everything is digital, keeping track of every movie...
Downloads September 6, 2016

Convert your CD collection into digital songs

Have you ever wondered what to do with your CD collection now that you're listening to music on your PC? You can always just...
Downloads September 2, 2016

Legally download thousands of free songs

Want to download thousands of free songs? Here's how to do it legally.
Downloads July 1, 2016

FREE Download: A free media player that plays just about everything

Now, you can watch your videos in any format whenever you want with this flexible software.
Downloads June 12, 2016

Watch and listen to your favorite streaming content when you're overseas

You can watch or listen to your favorite streaming content from anywhere in the world.
Downloads January 22, 2016

Soothing sounds drown out distracting noise

Drown out distracting sounds while you're working or doing school work. Or, let the soothing sounds help you fall asleep.
Downloads January 10, 2016

Easily turn written words into spoken words

Turn written words into spoken words.
Downloads December 28, 2015

Listen in on your town's police and fire department

Listen live to police scanners around the country.
Downloads December 20, 2015

Listen to hundreds of great audiobooks for free

Listen for free to 700-plus classic novels, poetry collections, and non-fiction books by authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain,...
Downloads December 18, 2015

Create a detailed and sortable archive of your music collection

Create an archive of your music collection, without typing in all the details.
Downloads December 11, 2015

Fast and efficient way to take meeting notes

A fast and non-distracting way to take meeting notes. Record your meeting, including the previous 30 seconds of the conversation.
Downloads December 8, 2015

Listen to thousands of radio stations on your PC

Listen to thousands of radio stations, or create your own station from 20 million songs featuring 800,000 artists.
Downloads December 5, 2015

A great source of free audiobooks

Listen to free audiobooks, chapter by chapter.
Downloads December 4, 2015

Transfer your smartphone's music and more to your computer

Need a backup for your smartphone? Transfer your Apple device's music and more to your Mac or PC.
Downloads November 23, 2015

Easily edit audio files or convert formats

Convert an audio file to a different format, or edit audio files.
Downloads November 22, 2015

Learn to play the piano and other instruments on your computer screen

Play the piano or drums on your computer. Or, better yet, listen to beautiful songs played on the piano.
Downloads November 20, 2015

Stay healthy with reminders to get up and stretch

Get a gentle reminder to get up and stretch, with the soothing sound of a Tibetan singing bowl.
Downloads October 25, 2015
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