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The last password you’ll ever need

Nearly every day in the news, you hear about another hacked account. It’s become an all-too-common problem that you can often solve with stronger passwords.


Stronger passwords consist of numbers, symbols, case changes, and are usually fairly lengthy. And for even safer accounts, you should have one of these passwords for each account you have. Then, you have to memorize all these passwords! It can be easy to get frustrated remembering which symbol went where.

Ease some of that frustration with LastPass. It’s a free service that saves and manages all your passwords, which you access using just one password.

LastPass can import passwords from your browser’s existing password manager, and works virtually anywhere, which means you’ll be able to access your passwords from any computer or mobile device.

So beef up your passwords and let LastPass do the memorizing!

Link: lastpass.com

System: Windows, OS X

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