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A clean, fast and secure Web browser

A clean, fast and secure Web browser

A Web browser is your window to the Internet. You want to make sure it provides the best experience possible.

That means the browser needs to be fast, stable and secure. Microsoft's Internet Explorer doesn't always fit the bill. That's why other free browsers are stealing its users.


Google's Chrome browser is a good example. When it first appeared it wasn't much of a contender. Now, however, it's consistently the browser to beat.

The signature minimal interface leaves more room for viewing websites. That's why every other browser has copied it to some extent.

Chrome opens and loads pages very quickly. Plus, each page is loaded in its own "sandbox." That makes it more difficult for online viruses to get onto your system. It also prevents one bad site from crashing the whole browser.

Google Chrome's address bar serves multiple functions. Type any keywords for immediate search suggestions. From there you can access to your Web history, search or find new websites.

Your most visited sites will also appear as thumbnails on your main page. This makes for easy access and visual appeal.

Chrome has an Incognito Mode. This allows you to open a new window to surf the Internet without storing a record on your computer.

Chrome includes a built-in PDF viewer and Adobe's Flash Player. That takes care of two major security threats in one swoop. Google keeps these always up to date with the latest patches.

Additionally, Chrome includes access to the Chrome Web Store. This is a collection of useful free and paid add-ons.

Google has also provided an extension to block tracking by advertisers. It is called Keep My Opt-Outs. Click here to learn more about it.

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