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Free Internet watchdog warns you about bad sites

The Internet is a great learning tool for children. They can get help with their homework online or do research for school projects. Don’t forget about the fun games and videos.


But the Internet has a darker side, too. Too many sites promote pornography, violence, drug use, hate and gambling. You definitely want to protect your children from these sites.

You can’t watch your kids all the time, especially as they get older. But you can get a little peace of mind with parental control software.

Blue Coat’s K9 Web Protection fits the bill. Based on software that many businesses use, it comes with a comprehensive list of objectionable sites to block, and you can customize the list.

The K9 program lets you specify times when the computer can or can’t be used. You’ll get regular updates on what the computer users is doing. And it doesn’t matter what browser you use, so wherever your family is browsing they will be protected.

Cost: Free

Link: k9webprotection.com

System: Windows, Mac

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