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An easy way to create PDFs

PDFs are a great format for sharing documents with friends or for business purposes. You don’t have to worry about file size, computer platform or what programs the recipient has available. That’s because PDFs are usually small and you can open them on any computer. The only tricky part is creating them.


You could get Adobe’s Acrobat program. They’re also easy to convert using InDesign. But those programs come with a hefty price tags and you’re paying for many programs you probably don’t need. Fortunately, there are ways to create PDFs that are both easy and free.

One good option is doPDF. This program adds a PDF creator to your list of printers. Once it’s installed, you simply select the PDF option from the printer list, and you have generated a PDF within seconds. It works with any Windows program.

You’ll end up with a file to share that’s formatted just the way you want. Your PDF will even have selectable text, meaning you’ll be able to search the PDF for specific sections or words.

Cost: Free

Link: www.dopdf.com

System: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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