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Clean out redundant files

Clean out redundant files

Did you know that you could be wasting space on your computer? And not just with unnecessary bloatware, either.

Duplicate or empty files can take a lot of important space on your hard drive. So what can you do about it? Combing through file registries and deleting duplicates and empties by hand does not sound like my idea of a good time.

Why not try CloneSpy? This free program searches for duplicate and empty files and deletes them for you. It takes all the research and guesswork out of clearing space on your hard drive.

CloneSpy even comes in a portable version, so you can take it with you to multiple computers. This is especially helpful if you're the tech guru in the family.

This program is best for intermediate to advanced users.

And to be on the safe side, I would avoid automatic deletion. You don't want to accidentally delete important files. Instead, you can set CloneSpy to set those files aside for you to double check before you decide to delete them.

To start a scan, select which files or folders you want CloneSpy to sort through. When duplicates or empty files are found, they will be set aside for you to review. Once you have determined them to actually be junk, you can delete them.

To download CloneSpy, navigate to the program download page and click the first text link that says "Download" to get the newest version. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before agreeing to anything!

You can select to download the standard version of CloneSpy or the portable version. If you select the portable version, be sure to direct the installation to a USB drive or rewritable disc.

There is no bloatware to watch out for, and I recommend using the default installation settings. I also highly recommend looking at the Help File before you start using CloneSpy so that you don't accidentally delete crucial files.

If you like CloneSpy and want to support the program, you should consider making a donation. Without your generous support of freeware, you favorite programs wouldn't be available anymore.

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