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Video chat and make calls for free

Video chat and make calls for free
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What's your favorite thing about the Internet? The Internet does so much that it's really hard to pick.

You might think that my website is one of my favorite things about the Internet. However, I can tell you that video chat is definitely up there on my list.


I love to talk face-to-face with my family and friends no matter how far apart we are.

Even better, modern video chat is downright simple and completely free. You just need a computer with a webcam and a decent Internet connection. If you have a smartphone or tablet, that works, too.

Well, you also need the right program. There are several for voice and video chat. These are known as Voice-over-IP programs or VoIP for short.

VoIP bypasses the telephone network and uses the Internet to send and receive calls, messages and videos, which means you can talk to anyone with the same program for free - even in other countries.

The most widely used VoIP application is Skype. I'm sure you've heard of it because I mention it quite often.

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