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A secure way to erase data

A secure way to erase data

You’ve deleted your sensitive and classified financial information. No hackers could possibly steal your personal data, right?


Wrong! You might think your files are deleted, but really they’re only hidden. New data will eventually replace it, but until then hackers could still read it. And even after that, magnetic field patterns could still be read from the disk surface.

If you want to get serious about your personal security, you need to erase sensitive data for good. You can do that using Eraser. It’s a free download for wiping clean all traces of deleted files.

It has a simple, clean interface, and can permanently erase data from any drive that works with Windows. You can even schedule deletions to happen automatically.

While the program itself is simple, there are a lot of options. Read my step-by-step Eraser guide here.

Downloading Instructions

To download Eraser, navigate to the program download page. I highly recommend using the Stable Build link, which can be located at the top of the download link list. It will be a red text link that reads “Eraser”

If you locate another link, be sure that all the numbers match up. You don’t want to download the wrong version and leave yourself open to bugs and glitches.

Your download should start immediately. I recommend installing with the Typical settings. There are no extra features in the program that you will need, and there is no bloatware to watch out for.

Uninstall Instructions

If you’ve used Eraser and decided that you don’t want to use it anymore or that it’s just not the program for you, you can delete it. First, make sure to close the program via your system tray (located on the Windows toolbar down by the clock) and make sure that all Eraser windows are closed.

I recommend using GeekUninstaller to remove the program. If you need to get GeekUninstaller, click here.¬†Then, simply open GeekUninstaller and right click on Eraser from the list of selected programs. Select “Uninstall.”

GeekUninstaller will make sure that no traces of Eraser remain on your computer. It is also the only program that will effectively remove Eraser without frustration.

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