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A fast, free email program

A fast, free email program

I like free just as much as the next gal, but if you use webmail like Gmail or Hotmail, you probably have ads all over your email. And you might not like computers parsing your personal letters for marketing information.


On the other hand, desktop programs like Outlook are expensive and a bit bland. So what do you do?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free desktop email program that is fast and secure. It includes tons of built-in features like tags, filters and powerful search for a more convenient experience.

It's from the same company that created Firefox, and can be upgraded with add-ons in much the same way. For example, you can try out the popular Lightning calendar add-on.

To download Thunderbird, click the large green button in the middle of the screen. The download page will walk you through the installation process.

The install wizard will automatically select Thunderbird to be your default mail application. You can uncheck this box if you only want to use Thunderbird on the side.

The default installation will automatically add a shortcut to Thunderbird in your startup menu, your desktop, and your windows toolbar. If you select custom installation, you can uncheck any of these options.

When Thunderbird launches, you can integrate your existing email accounts into Thunderbird for a sleek and sophisticated (not to mention ad-free) email service. You can also create a new email address through Thunderbird, which is perfect for business and job opportunities.

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