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Free sticky notes for your computer

Free sticky notes for your computer
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Imagine you have a small piece of paper. It's the perfect size for a quick note or a short list. It comes in several bright colors so you can color-code and organize your notes by priority or type.

Best of all, this little piece of paper comes with just the right amount of stickiness on the back. You can stick it to your walls, your fridge, your desk or pretty much anything.

Obviously, I'm talking about the sticky note. It's a great invention and very handy for a lot of different purposes -- and I use them myself.

Unfortunately, I see computer monitors of friends, family and co-workers with sticky notes plastered around the edges. Sometimes, the notes are even on the screen.

There has to be a way to do better.

Instead, try out StickyPad for Windows. It's a free download that lets you put unlimited digital sticky notes over your screen. They can be visible, hidden or transparent to maximize screen space.

There are also hotkeys for creating, showing and hiding notes. In the settings menu, you can choose to make the notes float on top of other windows so they're always visible.

StickyPad is easily accessible in the system tray down by the clock. Simply click the icon to create a new sticky note.

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