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Find the best price online with the click of a button

If you've ever done any shopping online, you know how much it pays off to do a little bit of research before you click the "buy" button. With so many tools designed to help you save money available online, why wouldn't you take advantage of them?

So before you click the buy button on that expensive item on impulse, slow things down and know that there's always a best time to buy anything. Wait until the item goes on sale using the Shoptagr extension for Google Chrome.

With Shoptagr, you can browse through the shops that have a special deal with the extension. These range from Abercrombie & Fitch to Zappos and hundreds of partners in between. Here's the full list of the 500+ retailers Shoptagr supports. 

To download, click the "+ ADD TO CHROME" blue button on the download page. The extension will then automatically be installed and you will see the black logo added to the top right corner of your browser.


The next step is to curate a wish list of items you find with the partnered retailers. Once those items go on sale, you'll be alerted to the sale price. Just click on the extension's logo to add it to your wish list and select how you would like to be notified: When an item has any price change, is 25 percent off or is 50 percent off.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.28.22 PM

That's it. Just sit back and wait until the item goes on sale. Who knows how much you could save?!

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