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Super fast image viewer for RAW files

Super fast image viewer for RAW files
photo courtesy of shutterstock

One of my big passions is photography. I'm constantly photographing wherever I go, so I've really honed my skills as a photographer and a photo editor.

In fact, I've written books on the subject, if you're interested in improving your own skills. Click here to check them out.

If you're doing more than quick candid shots, you want to have a DSLR camera. And chances are if you use a DSLR, then you're dealing with RAW file formats.

If you've never heard of them before, RAW photo files doesn't mean that they're undercooked. RAW photos are bigger, clearer and more detailed than regular digital image files.

They're sometimes called "digital negatives" because RAW photos contain the unprocessed data from the image sensor of a camera. That means you have more freedom for editing than you would otherwise.

The downside to RAW photos is that you usually need a special photo editor that can read the RAW files to work on them. These editors can tend to be clunky since they're reading so much data with just one photo.

This can spell long waits and lots of time lost finding just the right photo. Or, you can try out FastRawViewer and save yourself some time.

FastRawViewer supports almost every RAW file format, it can be used on a Mac or a PC and it's a great way to look at large files of RAW photos without wasting too much time. It works hard to give you a display when you need it, so you don't have to wait for each image to load.

You'll also get a quick display of the full histogram of each photo, making much easier to adjust the colors, contrast and brightness of each section of the photo. You can also easily move selected shots into a folder to be viewed later for editing or a discard folder that can be revisited at any time.

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